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Ashland Seminars

SOUNDWORK for Musicians, Educators, & Therapeutic Professionals

(Upcoming Ashland events are not scheduled at this time. Please see UPCOMING EVENTS for conferences and workshops with Joshua Leeds)

Join sound researcher Joshua Leeds in a rare, dynamic, and immersive exploration of the use of intentional music and sound. This 2-3 day workshop is academically solid, experiential, and fun! It is designed for professionals interested in creating or adding soundwork to existing practices. Topics of study include:

  • Sound as frequency medicine
  • Core principles of Dr. Alfred Tomatis (1920-2001)
  • The auditory system
  • Interconnection of tonal processing and neurodevelopmental issues
  • Binaural beat frequencies
  • Resonance (tone) and entrainment (tempo) for brainwave modification
  • Auditory pattern identification
  • Frontiers of soundwork
  • Psychoacoustic music production techniques
  • How to create soundtracks and soundspace conducive to office ambience, treatment, application, and classroom environments

Email for notification of  future SOUNDWORK seminars with Joshua Leeds.   


 SOUND SANGHAS with Joshua Leeds


“After three decades in the field of Soundwork, I feel the most

important thing I can facilitate is the creation of Sound Sangha.

Sangha is a Buddhist term referring to community for practice and support.

How can we engage in conversation about vibration and frequency

without acknowledging the spiritual through line of voice,

rhythm, and the desire for union and harmony?”  – jl

Sound Sangrias are a new format for the study and practice of music and sound. Join sound researcher Joshua Leeds in an immersive exploration of the use of intentional music and sound. This workshop is academic, greatly experiential, and plenty of fun! Designed for people interested in the role of sound in their lives and culture,  SOUND SANGHA is a gathering of the tribe – those that recall music and sound as a sacred and healing community currency.

This 3-5 day gathering will be a digital-free zone, an opportunity to unplug from online commitments and communications while diving into song, chant, rhythm, thought, emotion and psyche.

Everyone with a body is already a sound professional. We have all the gear we need! Our bodies are made up of atomic material, water, and bone – all resonant conductors. Our cells are hard-wired for entrainment. Mostly, what we are missing is the understanding of how to consciously use sound and music for spirit, health, learning, and productivity.

For therapeutic professionals, educators, and musicians: Music and sound are powerful components for any therapeutic or educational practice. Research continues to clarify and expand our awareness of the impact of tone, tempo, and pattern identification on human and animal nervous systems, and agriculture.

As with any remedy, it is best to start at home with ourselves, in the discovery of impact and reward. Sound is ubiquitous; how do we use it wisely? How does our relationship to sound change as we age? How can we use music and sound to great personal benefit?

SOUND SANGHA with Joshua Leeds is a personal journey into the heart of sound. Included in this inquiry will be:

    • Sound as frequency medicine
    • Core principles of Dr. Alfred Tomatis (1920-2001)
    • Psycho- & bio-acoustic principles
    • Resonance (tone), entrainment (tempo) and pattern identification
    • Frontiers of soundwork
    • Research overview
    • Planetary frequencies
    • How to create positive soundspace
    • Toning
    • Song and chant
    • Rhythm
    • Sound and animals
    • Soundwork community
    • Vibroacoustics

Your take-away: A newfound sense of the power of music and sound in your life, a sound community for support, plus sonic tools and practices to be used in homes, groups, and professional settings.


Broad overview: This 3-5 days is about music and sound for professional and personal usage in relaxed retreat settings. Think of this as immersive sound school. There are substantial academic sessions (mornings). Each afternoon, there will be dedicated hours for rhythm, song and chant, and specialized instruction. Additionally, plenty of meditative and fun sound spaces with Joshua Leeds and inspired guest presenters. There will be time for self-care (rest and food), as well as community-making.

Sound Sangha size: We limit the attendance to 40 registrants. Early registration recommended.

We guarantee a great and valuable time to be had by all. Come revitalize and attune with music, sound and silence, anew.

 Email us for further information on upcoming Sound Sanghas with Joshua Leeds.








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