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Monroe, Robert


The following information is in reference to Chapter 15, page 185 of The Power Of Sound.

Current exploration of the field of binaural beat frequencies cannot take place without bringing the late Robert Monroe into the picture. His contributions to the field of sonic technologies—brought about through extensive research conducted by the institute he founded and funded— brought him great respect during his lifetime and continues to this day.37

In the mid-fifties, Bob Monroe was a successful radio/TV producer and multiple-station owner when he began to have spontaneous, often frightening extrasensory33 experiences that drastically altered his life.38

Monroe was surrounded by sub-audio radio and television frequencies many years prior to his unusual experiences. Additionally, he had been an in-house volunteer with experiments seeking a sonic solution for insomnia. Monroe subsequently linked his experiences with exposure to sound waves. In a desperate attempt to understand the effect of soundwaves on his psyche, Monroe initiated research focused on the effect of sound frequencies.

What began as the research and development division in his private radio-production business grew into the world-renowned Monroe Products and Monroe Institute. Over the past five decades, Monroe subjected his investigations to vigorous scientific and anecdotal experimentation. He pioneered, or improved upon, basic technologies used by other sonic brain enhancement organizations.

The fundamental premise of Monroe’s work is that “focused consciousness” contains the solutions to questions of human existence. From his investigations into consciousness, Monroe sought practical applications.

Since the 1950s, the Monroe team has been identifying and evaluating the effects of different sound patterns, blending them into complex combinations which have proven effects on mental states. These sound patterns, barely audible to the human ear, become powerful, noninvasive tools for the exploration, development, and maximization of consciousness. Under the steady aegis of the Monroe family, inner exploration tools have been created (including Hemi-Sync, discussed above) from which anyone can benefit, using individual timetables and personal objectives. The fact that these tools are self-controlled contributes to the unique power of this technology.

Whether it be in sleep/dreams, accelerated learning and memory, physical or mental health, pain reduction, meditation, physical coordination, creative problem solving, or stress management, the applications of Monroe’s sound tools are vast. Results are achieved by sustaining a focused, coherent brain/mind state. What is most amazing is that these effects are accomplished with an audiotape or CD player and headphones. Hemi-Sync frequencies are layered underneath music, nature, or pink noise. Some soundtracks include guided imagery or vocal instructions.

BBFs were not invented by Monroe. Indications are that they were used thousands of years ago in Tibetan temples to facilitate prolonged meditation by the monks. In those days, detuned cymbals called ting-shas were used. However, there is no larger archive of current research to be found than at The Monroe Institute.39

Institute research is concentrated in three distinct areas: clinical and applied research done by members of the institute’s professional division, basic technical research done by university or institutional laboratories, and applied research done at the laboratory at The Monroe Institute. A sampling of research efforts and anecdotal reports reporting beneficial brain-state changes associated with Hemi-Sync’s binaural beats include: changes in arousal states, attentional focus, and levels of awareness leading to sensory integration, pain management, treatment of children with developmental disabilities, peak and other exceptional experiences, enhancement of hypnotizability, treatment of alcoholic depression, and positive effects on vigilance, performance, and mood.40

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