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Neural Stem


Influence of Music on the Behavior of Neural Stem Cells

The following information is in reference to Preface, page xvi of The Power Of Sound.

(Author’s note: The following description comes directly from the primary researcher, Neysa Navarro, 2009.)

In our research we aim to find direct relation between music as a physical phenomenon and the CNS stem cells behavior. The experience of the research group from the Developmental and Teratology of the CNS’s lab, Neurosciences Institute of Castilla y León will contribute to categorize and assess the findings.

The idea that music has a therapeutic function is going through a rapid transformation based on research done in neuroscience. Scientists are attempting to clarify its neurobiological basis and finding that music has an influence on learning, animal behaviour, or brain functions in animals. It is believed that by knowing how music affects animals, this will provide an important insight into how music could also affect humans.

There are currently no conclusive studies that allow us to explain the direct and specific relationship between music and neuron activity in superior vertebrates while most studies have looked only at music’s psychological reception.

In our research we aim to clarify our belief that there is an association between music and cell behaviour. We are categorizing and assessing findings by using in vitro culture models of brain embryo’s neuroephitelial precursors from mouse embryos at 11.5 days of development. This culture is a simple, highly sensitive to external effects action model that allows an easily valuable behaviour of the cells.

Our aims are

1. To determine if sound as a physic phenomenon has a direct effect on cellular behaviour.

2. To determine if the effect is related to the harmonic and structural organization of the sounds, using as experimental conditions silence, music, and noise.

3. To evaluate and assess the effect on the cellular behaviour by evaluating cellular survival, reproduction, and differentiation.

Based on a reliable experimental design, the preliminary results of our research have shown that music seems to have a direct and specific effect on cellular behavior which is made clear by cellular survival activation as well as the reproduction and neurogenesis mechanisms.

N Navarro, A Gato, C De Castro, E Carnicero. Influence of Music on the Behavior of Neural Stem Cells. This an unpublished doctoral dissertation in progress with anticipated completion date of summer 2010.

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