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Neuroscience Resources


Neuroscience and music – Hot Spots!

The following information is in reference to Chapter 8, page 92 of The Power Of Sound.

• Auditory Neuroscience Laboratory at Northwestern University

Director: Nina Kraus

Web: www.soc.northwestern.edu/brainvolts

• Laboratory for Music Perception, Cognition, and Expertise at McGill University

Director: Daniel Levitin, Ph.D.

Web : www.psych.mcgill.ca/labs/levitin

• McMaster Institute for Music & the Mind/ The Neuroscience Auditory Interaction Lab

Director: Laurel Trainor

Web: www.mimm.mcmaster.ca

• The Neurosciences Institute in La Jolla

Director: Gerald Edelman

Web: www.nsi.edu

• The Center for Music Learning at the University of Texas in Austin

Director: Robert Duke

Web: www.cml.music.utexas.edu

• The Center for Biomedical Research in Music at Colorado State University

Director: Michael Thaut, Ph.D.

Web: www.colostate.edu/dept/cbrm

• Center for Mind and Brain at University of California at Davis

Music researcher: Petr Janata, Ph.D.

Web: http://mindbrain.ucdavis.edu

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