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Easy to Sleep

Easy to Sleep
Released 2007 Blacklight Films. DVD, 1 hr. $24.98.
Music by the Apollo Chamber Ensemble.
Images by Louie Schwartzberg.
Music produced by Joshua Leeds.

EASY to SLEEP is a pioneering scientific combination of music and images. Two 30-minute segments are specifically designed to slow brainwaves and heart rate to the ideal mind/body state necessary for deep, recuperative sleep.

How does EASY to SLEEP work?
Combining the principles of psychoacoustics — the study of the effect of music and sound on the human nervous system — with gorgeous images of nature, EASY to SLEEP is a breakthrough application of resonance, entrainment, and pattern identification using both auditory and visual sensory input.

The music and corresponding images of this program use progressively slowing tempos and reduced visual and auditory complexity to achieve optimal effect. The net result is a natural, drug-free experience formulated to quickly reduce stress and facilitate an easy drifting off to sleep.

EASY to SLEEP combines the extraordinary cinematography of Louie Schwartzberg and the psychoacoustically-designed classical soundtracks of Joshua Leeds. The music is performed by the Apollo Ensemble, featuring the piano artistry of Lisa Spector.

About the Producers
Award-winning cinematographer Louie Schwartzberg has spent over 30 years capturing the world via 35mm and HD imagery for feature films, television programs and original productions through his company, BlackLight Films. For more information, visit BlackLightFilms.com.

Joshua Leeds, internationally acclaimed sound researcher and music producer, is the author of books (Through a Dog’s Ear, The Power of Sound, Sonic Alchemy) and CDs used in homes, clinics, and classrooms around the world.

Segment 1: Land and Lakes  . . . . . . 30 minutes
Segment 2: Ocean . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30 minutes

No Longer Available for Purchase

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