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Essential Sound: Music for Healing and Wellness

Essential Sound: Music for Healing & Wellness
Released 2006 Resonant Forte. 8-CD set. RF1001-8. $89.98.
Apollo Chamber Ensemble featuring Lisa Spector.
Produced by Joshua Leeds.

ESSENTIAL SOUNDâ„¢ is psychoacoustically-arranged classical music designed to support compromised immune and nervous system function, deep relaxation, and stress reduction. The 8-CD series includes Sound Asleep, Calm, Uplifting, and Energy.

ESSENTIAL SOUND is deliciously simple sound at its best. Melodic and harmonic complexity has been minimized by repertoire selection, orchestration, and rearrangement. Solo piano and piano trios provide beautiful, yet easily assimilated sound. This is fine acoustic sound — there are no frequency additions or subtractions.* Consequently, contra-indications are of no concern. The natural principles of resonance (tone), and entrainment (rhythm), and pattern identification (active listening or passive hearing) are amply sufficient to accomplish the desired effect.

The award-winning players of Apollo Ensemble, featuring the extraordinary concert pianist, Lisa Spector, include cello, flute, and oboe/english horn. SOUND ASLEEP also includes a string quintet and harp. Psychoacoustic re-arrangements of classical masterworks provide sumptuous listening and optimum effect.

All albums are approximately 60 minutes. Available in CD only.

* (ESSENTIAL SOUND/SOUND ASLEEP contains binaural frequencies.)

No longer available as a set, limited quantities of individual CDs are available separately on Amazon.

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