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Essential Sound/Sound Asleep

Essential Sound/Sound Asleep
Released 2006 Resonant Forte. 2-CD set. RF1007. $24.98.
Apollo Chamber Ensemble. Binaural frequecies by Anna Wise.
Produced by Joshua Leeds.

SOUND ASLEEP facilitates Day Rest & Night Sleep.

SOUND ASLEEP is about as slow and gentle as music can get. This is a sonic cradle with a warm blanky… Starting at 60 beats per minute, these soundtracks slowly move down into the space of no identifiable tempo at all. In the process, the heart rate and breath are naturally entraining with the slowing rhythms into ever-deepening relaxation and peaceful sleep. Additionally, binaural beat frequencies — composed by brainwave biofeedback expert Anna Wise — help guide brainwaves through beta and alpha into the theta/delta brainwaves necessary for replenishment and renewal.

Day Rest, designed for a 20- or 45-minute relaxation session or sleep, brings the listener back to beta at the conclusion of the soundtrack.

Night Sleep, created for repeated playing through the night if desired, facilitates falling asleep and staying asleep. SOUND ASLEEP’s soundtracks are deliberate and quite leisurely.

Day Rest and Night Sleep are ideal for:

  • Healing environments
  • Deep relaxation
  • Taking a nap
  • Falling asleep
  • Staying asleep
  • Rejuvenation

Tempos are very, very slow: 20-50 beats per minute.

The award-winning players of Apollo Ensemble featured on SOUND ASLEEP play piano, viola, harp, string quintet, electronic keyboards, Tibetan bowls. Binaural frequencies have been composed by Anna Wise. Re-arrangements of Chopin, Tchaikovski, Debussy, and Brahms provide sumptuous listening and optimum effect.

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