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Music for the Canine Household, Vol 1

Released 2008 BioAcoustic Research & Development.
CD, 1 hr. BARD001. $14.98
The Apollo Chamber Ensemble, featuring Lisa Spector, Piano.
Produced by Joshua Leeds.

Uplifting and psychoacoustically designed classical music can be played for the enjoyment and relaxation of people while simultaneously creating a positive sound environment for dogs. The selections from Music for the Canine Household are not as deeply calming as the music found on the Music to Calm Your Canine Companion series; however, given that dogs and people live together, there are times when you want your animal to relax without falling asleep yourself. Music for the Canine Household is a little more stimulating, with quicker tempos and slightly more complex arrangements and orchestration.

Available on iCalmPet.com

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