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Relax and De-Stress

Relax and De-Stress
Dr. Andrew Weil’s Music for Self-Healing
Released 2006 Sounds True. CD, 1 hr. M1099D. $17.98.
The Apollo Chamber Ensemble, featuring Lisa Spector, Piano.
Produced by Joshua Leeds.

Legendary composers like Beethoven, Bach, and Chopin instinctively understood the profound effect that music can have on our emotions and physical bodies.

Now, best-selling author and physician Dr. Andrew Weil has joined with producer and sound researcher Joshua Leeds to bring you Dr. Andrew Weil’s Music for Self-Healing Series — classical music for promoting good health.

With Relax and De-Stress, the first CD of this new series, listeners will enjoy a selection of soothing classical music, scientifically selected and performed to reduce physical tension, dispel anxiety, and create inner calm.

The award-winning players of the Apollo Chamber Ensemble perform each piece on Relax and De-Stress with the guidance of the sound-healing research of Dr. Weil and Joshua Leeds.

Through subtle rearrangement and emphasis on the underlying psychoacoustic harmonics embedded in the music, these renowned musicians draw out each composition’s innate healing potential.

Masterpieces such as Debussy’s “Reverie” and Vivaldi’s “Winter,” Largo movement are presented in a specific order on the CD, easing the listener with each track into a deeper state of stress-free tranquility.

Relax and De-Stress is the perfect choice for listeners who wish to slow down from a hard day’s work, prepare for a good night’s sleep, or simply unwind with some of the greatest work from classical composer

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