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Sonic Alchemy: Conversations with Leading Sound Practitioners

Written and compiled by Joshua Leeds.
Published 1997 InnerSong Press.
300 pages. ISBN 0965778606. $17.98

“Music and sound for the enhancement of human function” makes a bold claim. As the banner statement of this book, it is designed to catch your attention, to appeal to your inquiring mind. Why should you care about the effects of sound? Because it has been proven that sound, in musical or other manifestations, can either ‘charge’ or ‘discharge’ your nervous system. What does that mean to you? That you can consciously use sound to enhance your life.

As a composer and record producer, Joshua Leeds researched the inner components of sound and the physiology of the ear/brain mechanism. As Leeds delved into the study of sound, he found there was no curriculum. Consequently, he sought out his own teachers; women and men who think, practice, and dwell in the bedrock of vibration and frequency. The wealth of their ideas is presented in a dozen interviews. Additionally, the rudiments of soundwork are explored. These include resonance, entrainment, and sonic neuro-technologies.

The intention of Sonic Alchemy is to trigger your imagination and encourage your explorations. Leeds believes a sizable leap in the use of subtle energy modalities, including sound, will take place through the advancement and synergy of methods discussed herein.

Interviews include:

  • Vickie Dodd; Awakening the Amnesia of Wellness
  • Robert Gass, Ed.D.; Chantmaster Extraordinaire
  • Jonathan Goldman; The Power of Harmonics
  • Janalea Hoffman; Entrainment
  • Arthur Hull; The Power of the Drum
  • Michael Jones; Intention and Music
  • Tom Kenyon; Psychoacoustics
  • Therese Schroeder-Sheker; Music for the Dying
  • Fred Schwartz, M.D.; Music as Anesthesia
  • Molly Scott, Ed.D; Resonance Therapy
  • Michael Stevens; Light & Sound Machines
  • Jeffrey Thompson, D.C.; Bio-Tuning

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