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Sound Health/Concentration

Sound Health/Concentration

Released 2000 Advanced Brain Technologies. CD. SHS0101. $15.98.
The Arcangelos Chamber Ensemble.
Co-produced by Joshua Leeds.

Vivaldi, Salieri, and Bach. To maximize mental productivity, original orchestrations have been respectfully rearranged. Slow and easy tempos, flutes, clarinets, and violins, and simpler melodic lines result in a relaxed body; high frequency orchestrations help to create an alert mind. This music is sensitively produced and unobtrusive — a perfect soundtrack for thinking.

CONCENTRATION is ideal for: extended computer time, office work, study, creative endeavors, relaxation, stress reduction, office/treatment room ambience. By combining sumptuous baroque music with precision psychoacoustic refinements, this music becomes a sophisticated sonic tool.

Produced by Lawrence and Leeds in 1997, Sound Health/Concentration was originally released under the titleThinking Music/Concentration. Instrumentation: Classical chamber ensemble. 50-60 beats per minute.

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