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Sound Health/De-Stress

Sound Health/De-Stress
Released 2000 Advanced Brain Technologies. CD. SHS0106. $15.98.
The Arcangelos Chamber Ensemble.
Co-produced by Joshua Leeds.

DE-STRESS gently lulls the mind and body to deep, restful repose. A psychoacoustically-refined adagio movement from Mahler’s Fourth Symphony delicately unwinds into a soothing sound bed of gentle ocean waves. Sweet and simple melodies float in and out of tempo.

Delicately performed by The Arcangelos Chamber Ensemble, DE-STRESS is a tranquil cradle of sound in which to gently rest and renew. This recording is multi-functional. With normal amplification DE-STRESS provides tranquil relaxation and a soothing home or treatment room ambience. Using headphones, this recording is a sonic environment conducive to inducing and deepening relaxation states.

Produced by Lawrence and Leeds in 1998, Sound Health/De-Stress was originally released under the title of Nutrient Sound/Sleep. Instrumentation: Classical chamber ensemble. 30-60 beats per minute.

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