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Sound Mind: Music for Healing with Andrew Weil, M.D.

Sound Body, Sound Mind:
Music for Healing with Andrew Weil, M.D.

Released 1998 Upaya Music as a 2-CD set w/64 page book (UPCD1192). Re-released 2005 by Time/Warner as a single CD (R278449). $11.98.
The Arcangelos Chamber Ensemble. Brainwave frequencies by Anna Wise.
Produced by Joshua Leeds and Richard Lawrence.

SOUND BODY SOUND MIND is a multi-faceted sonic tool for health, relaxation, and well-being. Dr. Weil and brainwave expert Anna Wise designed a sound/brainwave frequency schematic. Soothing music from Mozart, Mahler, Bach, and Brahms was rearranged to complement the frequency score.

Performed by The Arcangelos Chamber Ensemble, SBSM facilitates deep, self-directed healing through pulse-entraining rhythms, timbres, and melodies combined with clinically-tested soundwave technology.

SOUND BODY SOUND MIND opens with a 6-minute guided meditation by Dr. Weil. In the following 60-minute music meditation, your brain is naturally coaxed into sub-conscious brainwave states conducive to self-directed healing.

Contains binaural beat frequencies. Do not drive or operate machinery while listening to this recording. While not imperative, headphones recommended for optimal results.

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