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Psychoacoustics is the study of the perception of sound. This includes how we listen, our psychological responses, and the physiological impact of music and sound upon the human nervous system. In the realm of psychoacoustics, the terms music, sound, frequency, and vibration are essentially interchangeable, because they are different approximations of the same essence.

Joshua Leeds, a sound researcher, producer, and composer, is one of few published authorities on the psychoacoustic effects of music and sound. Psychoacoustics is also the over-arching theme of his book, The Power of Sound (Healing Arts Press, 2001, 2010).

Within this website, you will find detailed information about The Power of Sound and Joshua Leeds. Additionally, Frontiers of Soundwork contains a brief history of soundwork and significant research links. The Sonic Activist serves as a networking source for those interested in preserving balanced soundscapes in home and community.

Soundwork Links provides easy access to the on-line world of sound.

In Other Works by the Author, Joshua’s multiple books and music projects are featured. Upcoming Events lists Joshua Leeds’s appearances and seminars.

Finally, two related websites:

Sound-Remedies.com is an on-line resource created by Joshua for psychoacoustically-designed music, books, videos and other sound products and resources. Books and CDs by Joshua Leeds may be purchased there.

EssentialSoundSeries.com is the internet home of Joshua’s highly-acclaimed psychoacoustic music series, ESSENTIAL SOUND. The 8 CDs of Sound Asleep, Calm, Uplifting, & Energy have been specifically designed to assist illness management and health recovery.

Per Dr. Alfred Tomatis — widely considered to be the grandfather of modern psychoacoustics — sound is a “nutrient for the nervous system.” With this context in mind, the author endeavors to provide a 21st century user’s manual for the human auditory system.

Love your ears… they are much more important than you ever realized.

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