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Reid, John


The following information is in reference to Chapter 17, page 218 of The Power Of Sound.

Fascinated with John Reid’s perspective, I asked him about the work of other sound visionaries who had influenced him, to which he replied:

• Sonocytology is the work of Nobel Prize winner, Jim Gimzewski.30 He uses an atomic force microscope to listen to the sound a cell makes. This technique is being investigated as a novel diagnostic tool based on the hypothesis that healthy cells and diseased cells will emit different sounds. But there is another even more important possibility. By greatly amplifying the sounds of tumor cells and redirecting that sound back to tumor cells, resonance should cause the tumor cells to absorb that acoustic energy, leading to their destruction, while leaving adjacent healthy cells unharmed. With further developments, sonocytology therapy may offer a quick, non-invasive and drug-free therapy to treat malignant tumors.

• Bruce Lipton’s work, The Biology of Belief (Elite Books 2005) on cell membranes, although not directly connected with sound, may prove to be the key to unraveling the mystery of cell division in response to sound stimulation. No one yet understands why cells enter a senescent (sleeping) state when challenged by pathogens or other trauma, or why they can be awakened and triggered into mitosis (cell division) by the application of sound. However, the answer to this puzzle almost certainly lies in the cell’s membrane. Bruce Lipton’s discovery that the brain of the cell lies in its membrane seems most likely to hold the key.

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