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September 15th, 2010 by

The updated second edition of The Power of Sound was released September 15, 2010.

This companion website, designed to supplement the book, is continually under construction. When I was revising TPOS, I envisioned reader’s holding the book with the left hand and using their right hand on a keyboard, flipping through this site. However it works for you… it is here for you! I hope you find value. Over 200 pages prepared for the book are now on this site.

Feel free to leave a comment below. Also, if you are a Facebook afficianado, come join the conversation at my professional page, Joshua Leeds | Soundwork. I look forward to hosting a robust forum on how sound affects our biosphere (including our own bodies!), how we take responsibility for our use of sound, and how we can use intentional music and sound to create a harmonious home, community, and world.

All best wishes,

– Joshua Leeds

THE POWER OF SOUND – How to Be Healthy and Productive Using Music and Sound

By Joshua Leeds

Second Edition published September, 2010 by Healing Arts Press

302 pages with 75-minute CD

ISBN 978-159477350-1

Cost: $19.95

Purchase a copy.

Coming soon! A beautiful Soundwork program in India!

January 18-23, 2017. Pondicherry, India. Integral Sound Healing Training Certificate Program 2017 in Auroville. Co-presented by Joshua Leeds and Aurelio Hammer, Creator of Svaram (Musical instruments and research). This very special workshop is located in Tamil Nadu (S. India) when the weather is great. 

COME JOIN US – for a sacred and deeply inspired journey into the heart and mind of sound… in the land where it all started. Here, in Mother India, the use of vibration and sound has been studied and practiced for thousands of years. We humbly bring our offerings to add to this revered body of wisdom.

SEE training brochure: svaram-training

Contact and further information:

Local (USA) information: joshua.leeds@97520.net

Direct India email: svaram@auroville.org.in

Website: www.svaram.org

Book early for reduced rates